The White Fluff Is Upon Us

November 23rd, 2008

Greetings all!

It’s a lovely, quiet, calm Sunday here in London. For the first time in a while, it doesn’t seem to be snowing at all outside. Quite a bit has gathered over the last several days, making Holly and I ever more thankful for the presence of underground parking.

Holly is sitting at her laptop, working away on some library-based form of work. Myself, I am sipping a caesar and watching some football. “Sports, sports, sports”, as somebody I live with may or may not say!

Life in London is good. Both Holly and I are pretty busy, with school and work taking up loads of our respective time. Holly is in the midst of a ‘crunch’ time so to speak, and had a lot on her plate. I’m very sympathetic, and also glad I’m no longer a member of the student body. On my own end, work is good. Both jobs are enjoyable, though naturally I’d prefer to be doing more children-related work than IT, but I can’t really complain – especially given the state of things economically.

We’ve both been doing a lot of baking lately, largely due to the abundance of apples and bananas in the apartment. The large quantity of apples on hand is something I can shoulder the blame for, as I don’t seem to enjoy them as much as I used to for some reason. Holly loves them, though she does add salt, which I’m sure will seem odd to me for years to come. As for the bananas, well, the predicament with regards to the “banana-situation” is that Holly and I have different preferences as to what stage in the ripening process we enjoy banana consumption. Holly prefers her bananas slightly under-ripe and green, while I prefer mine slightly over-ripe with sprinkles of brown. As a result, we pretty much each have a small window in which we eat the bananas.

The positive of all of this is of course the wonderful creation of freshly baked goods. Off the top of my head, there have been: apple muffins, banana bread, apple crisp (more than once!), and banana cranberry bran muffins. We should really put up a stand and turn our new found hobby into a successful enterprise.

We’ve managed to catch some movies as of late. Here are some thoughts on these cinematic wonders:

More pictures should be up soon. Still more from the wedding (reception, pub, etc) to get up, plus some pictures from our last visit to Barrie, and more. They’d be up now, but my camera batteries are dead. Soon though! Otherwise, hope everyone is doing well.


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