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Grollis Strikes Back!

May 24th, 2009

Hello, everyone!

Greg spent the past few weeks re-vamping our website.  As you can see, it’s looking pretty good.  New colour-scheme, fancy new photo thing to your right….and lots of technical improvements “behind the scenes” (and beyond my unfortunately limited computer knowledge).

No major changes have occurred since our last post in…oh…November.  Still alive and kicking here in London.  Greg’s working downtown as well as at the Children’s Centre.  I finished 2 terms of my MLIS and have just begun my third.  Since last fall I’ve been volunteering at a community centre here in town helping a youth leadership group build a library.  Spring has most definitely sprung – thank heavens.  Our culinary adventures continue (Greg’s become a pizza master, as the Szerminskis will attest).  We’ve had a few fantastic visits from family, which has helped us feel less isolated waaay down here (haha) in the southwest.  Our first anniversary draws ever closer.  All in well, life is very good for the Jones’ (Junior).

As for our fall plans… still very much uncertain.  I’ll have one credit to finish, which I plan to do as a distance course.  We hope to go where Greg can find a teaching position.  Fingers crossed it’s not too far afield.  We’re not overly stressed out about it.  Things have a way of working out.  And there’s always the thrill of living one day at a time! (right??)

That’s all for tonight.  The plan is to post more regularly.  Hope everyone’s happy, healthy, and enjoying the same gorgeous weather as we are!

A note from Greg: Internet Explorer must be up-to-date (version eight) in order to view the new and improved Grollis at its best.  (and so Greg’s battle with the web browsers continues…)

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The White Fluff Is Upon Us

November 23rd, 2008

Greetings all!

It’s a lovely, quiet, calm Sunday here in London. For the first time in a while, it doesn’t seem to be snowing at all outside. Quite a bit has gathered over the last several days, making Holly and I ever more thankful for the presence of underground parking.

Holly is sitting at her laptop, working away on some library-based form of work. Myself, I am sipping a caesar and watching some football. “Sports, sports, sports”, as somebody I live with may or may not say!

Life in London is good. Both Holly and I are pretty busy, with school and work taking up loads of our respective time. Holly is in the midst of a ‘crunch’ time so to speak, and had a lot on her plate. I’m very sympathetic, and also glad I’m no longer a member of the student body. On my own end, work is good. Both jobs are enjoyable, though naturally I’d prefer to be doing more children-related work than IT, but I can’t really complain – especially given the state of things economically.

We’ve both been doing a lot of baking lately, largely due to the abundance of apples and bananas in the apartment. The large quantity of apples on hand is something I can shoulder the blame for, as I don’t seem to enjoy them as much as I used to for some reason. Holly loves them, though she does add salt, which I’m sure will seem odd to me for years to come. As for the bananas, well, the predicament with regards to the “banana-situation” is that Holly and I have different preferences as to what stage in the ripening process we enjoy banana consumption. Holly prefers her bananas slightly under-ripe and green, while I prefer mine slightly over-ripe with sprinkles of brown. As a result, we pretty much each have a small window in which we eat the bananas.

The positive of all of this is of course the wonderful creation of freshly baked goods. Off the top of my head, there have been: apple muffins, banana bread, apple crisp (more than once!), and banana cranberry bran muffins. We should really put up a stand and turn our new found hobby into a successful enterprise.

We’ve managed to catch some movies as of late. Here are some thoughts on these cinematic wonders:

More pictures should be up soon. Still more from the wedding (reception, pub, etc) to get up, plus some pictures from our last visit to Barrie, and more. They’d be up now, but my camera batteries are dead. Soon though! Otherwise, hope everyone is doing well.


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Snow! Cabbage Soup! Research Week!!

October 29th, 2008


Hello, everyone!

On tonight’s agenda: the making of cabbage soup, and a (half-hearted) attempt to begin yet another painfully numeric stats assignment.  You, my faithful readers and loving friends and family, may remember my absolutely and unquestionably anonymous (ha) book survey which was sent out via email and Facebook a few weeks ago.  Thank you all so very much for participating.  I appreciate how very irritating it must have been, receiving everyone else’ answers.  Ohhh, the hours I spent compiling data.  I surveyed about 35 people – only to find out, after it was too late, that I needed to survey only five. FIVE!  F-I-V-E!!!  Ughhh.  You may be happy to know, however, that my mark was very much an agreeable one – yay!  This next assignment, thankfully, does not involve harrassing my loved ones.  

Greg is at work until 8:30.  I’ve been in all day, working on school assignments, watching snow fall, and doing laundry.  Hooray for snow!!!  The first snowfall always makes me feel like a kid again.  (Not difficult, really, as I act like a child most of the time.)  I’ve been singing “Oh, the weather outside is frightful…” and “Snows are a’fallin’ on Douglas Mountain…” all day.  I don’t know the names of those songs.  They make me think of Grandma Sparr.  And Raffi, of course.  Yup, the snow is lovely.  The river looks very pretty, with the trees around it covered in white.  

It’s Research Week, which means there are NO classes – time to get caught up!  I won’t even pretend that I’ll get through it all…or touch my readings.  There’s too much.  I learned very quickly to recognize what’s really important, and what’s, ehrrrm… skip-able.  And I find myself so easily distracted!  I mean, who could resist reading The Penguin History of Canada??  Seriously, the chapter on Champlain’s miserable, frigid, and ultimately fruitless attempts to establish himself as Main Guy in the not-so-permanent French colonies was just enthralling.  And did you know that there were beaver-like creatures 2 metres long wandering around North America until human beings found there way here 10,000 or so years ago and killed them all?!  (Is that terrifying?!?)  Anyhoo, you can see how difficult it is for me to keep on track.  Greg worked till 2 am last night.  That wasn’t very much fun for either of us.  I tried to stay up – mostly because there are weird noises in the apt at night, and the thought of turning out the lights, admittedly, gives me the creeps.  And because I love him.  Of course.

Huge, exciting news for Grollis this past weekend!  Amy had her baby!!  Miriam Grace.  We are hoping to make a run over to see them this weekend.  I can hardly wait!  I am really looking forward to seeing Lucy, Amy, and Rick, too.  It hit me, dancing, somewhat tipsily, at Mike & Irene’s wedding this past Saturday, with all the various Joneses whom I’ve come to know over the past few years, how great it is to be able to call all of these wonderful, happy, fun people ‘family’.  Crazy the powerful realizations that come to you when dancing and drinking.   

Mike & Irene’s wedding was absolutely gorgeous.  They looked fantastic.  The ceremony had me ridiculously teary-eyed.  The speeches, too.  Irene’s dress….my God….she was every girl’s dream bride.  I had so much fun!!

I do get rather emotional when cooking – I think it’s the bay leaves.  I don’t know if I trust them.  

Maeg and Dave Merry drove down to London Monday afternoon and the four of us had dinner at the Waltzing Weasel.  They spent the night with us.  We had such a great time!  It was difficult saying good-bye to them Tuesday morning.  Tried to lure them into staying here in London by buying Count Chocula for DM.  No luck – Gus was home alone.  I miss them so very, very much.  We hung the picture they gave us over our bed.  I took photos – will have Greg post them asap.  

Just before I forget – speaking of dancing….WOW.  I danced up a storm at the wedding.  I can’t help myself.  The music was great, the company was great, the food and drinks were great…factors all very conducive to Hollis-dancing.  Later in the evening, on the dance floor, dancing to an exceptionally vigorous song for which I do not know the name (lots of drums!), I bumped into a couple of girls from Irene’s side – I apologized for having done so, and they said, “Noo!!  We LOVE you!!!  Keep going!!”  Although they were very sincere and pleasant, a clever person would have – probably should have – taken this as a clue that her dancing was reaching dangerous levels of exuberance.  But, oh, not Hollis!  Oh, she kept right on dancing!!  Sigh.  As long as no one was injured or offended, right?  (Right?)

Mmm, having a bowl of my cabbage soup – delicious!!  It’s like cabbage roll soup, Greg’s right.  

I am going to make myself a large pot of tea, and then I will get to work.  Tea and digestive cookies – essential work tools.  :-)

Cheers, all.


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