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The South Island Megapost

May 15th, 2007

New Zealand Time – May 15, 7:15pm

Greg says:

The last three photo albums are up here: click here for more South Island photo enjoyment.

I suppose I would recommend looking at all the photos before reading the trip report, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. There are another 102 images to view. The images on the photo album are displayed at 640×480 by default, and you can view them at 800×600 by clicking the relevant like on each photo’s page. As with any photos that are online, I have them at much larger resolutions, a lot as high as 2592×1944. Why would you want photos at a higher resolution? Well, they’re higher quality and much larger. Ideal for a desktop wallpaper, perfect for blowing up to put framed on your living room wall, or even blowing up to wallpaper your living room walls with.

As for the trip report, Holly well detail it for you below. If there is a warning to be made, it is that each page contains an image of the South Island marking where we traveled on the trip. Depending on what resolution your screen is set to, the image might make the page appear sloppy. Anything above 1024×768 should look alright. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, ignore this entire paragraph. Ignore both if the above paragraph doesn’t make sense either. Enjoy

Holly says:

Hello all!

Well, I finally finished my South Island post. Three weeks and 10,000 words later, here it is for you in all its glory.

Before leaving for our trip south Greg and I had been informed, both from Kiwis and fellow international travelers, that the North and South Islands were very different from each other. Naturally our response was to pose the Big Question: “Which is better?” Greg’s classmates from the South Island banter with those from the North about their respective island’s superiority. You’ll hear backpacker debates about the issue in hostels all over the country. Having now traveled around both islands, I realize that there is no definitive, universal answer. I suppose you could make easy observations, such as: the South Island has more empty, rugged spaces and way (way!) more sheep than the North Island. The trouble is that each island itself is incredibly diverse! Both are spectacular. In the end, it’s either a matter of allegiance, or personal preference. So…….personally, while I loved every minute and every aspect of my trip around the North, my vote of preference must be cast for the South.

For convenience’s sake I’ve organized the following narrative as a journal, dividing segments by date. Greg has added various comments here and there. He’d have written more, but as you can imagine school is getting pretty busy. Not all of us are on an extended four month holiday after all. ;-)

The story begins here : Day One (Tuesday, April 10th)

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South Island Photos – Part 1

May 5th, 2007

New Zealand Time – May 6th, 10:14am

A quick note that three albums (out of what will be a total of six) of photos from our trip down to the South Island are now online: South Island Photos

I believe the three albums to come contain far more photos, but hopefully everyone will enjoy the breathtaking photography and commentary of the first batch. Otherwise, Holly and I will have some video to sort through as well, which will hopefully result in a watchable DVD.

Hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

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It Actually Rained Today

February 23rd, 2007

New Zealand Time – February 23, 9:43pm

Really, it actually did rain. The day as a whole was overcast, with rain coming in and out in waves. No great downpours, but steady rain. Besides the fact, the day was actually quite nice. Not having the piercing sun was a welcome change of pace, especially when considering just how ‘piercing’ it is down here. Both Holly and I have lovely sandal tans. Well both have to make a point to spend a few days shoeless in an attempt to blend out the patterns on our feet. Doing so seems to be quite common among the populous here anyways. Fine by me, I’m no fan of socks anyways. Going shoeless is just an evolution of that I suppose.

Otherwise, life here is good, aiming to get a chunk of work done this weekend, and perhaps even a haircut. I haven’t had it cut since some time in November. As a result, I’ve quite the mop going at the moment.

I made a point of telling a couple people, but I’ll post it here for all:

Any of the pictures Holly and I take and put online can be had in much larger sizes. For ease of use, I have and will be shrinking all photos being tossed in our albums. So, if for whatever reason people would like larger versions, just email myself or Holly and we’ll send them over. I normally take photos at max resolution, so they can be crazily large.

Another note with regards to this lovely abode, is that I’m slowly trying to make the site more compliant with certain standards, and most notably friendly to lower resolutions. So far so good it seems, though I think everyone should at least run at 1024×768 anyways.

Alas, enough of the nerd talk. Holly is still out and about on her journey throughout the North Island. I talked to her this eve and she was most well, heading out from Rotorua tomorrow. I think she is getting back to Palmy next Sunday. I’m already anxious to she her pictures, and she has quite a few more to take I’m sure.

Well, that’s all for now. Do take care all.

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