Soon, the bugs will come

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7 thoughts on “Soon, the bugs will come

  • Hey bro – miss you :) Glad to hear you two are having such a good time …

  • Hey Greg!

    Sounds like you guys are having fun. I’m proud of you for saving the dock. How brave!

    Rick and I built a fence so now we have a yard. It only took a week – you guys aren’t the only ones doing manual labour! (Holly…I’m proud of your four-wheeling!) Now we can drink on the lawn without our students seeing…or at least Rick can. He is currently enjoying some new homebrew…”The homebrew, albeit a little young, is good,” he just said.

    I’ll check your site occasionally so that I know you’re alive and well. It sounds like you’re more alive and well now than you have been for a while. Good stuff.

    I’m working on a baby website and I’ll send you the link when it’s ready (for now there are only ultrasound pictures on it which is a bit boring).

    Take care,


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