Miscellaneous New Zealand Post : First Edition

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7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous New Zealand Post : First Edition

  • GREG! how goes it my dear? i love your website!
    How is Holly doing?
    Im still so sorry I couldnt go to NZ. I really wish I could tho! I leave for NYC on April 13-18 then I leave April 20-29 for Hawaii! Sorta close i guess haha.
    My birthday is on Monday(9th)…big 23…lol
    well i miss you and i hope your living life to the fullest over there.
    Tell Holly hi for me!

  • Hi Greg! As I sit here at the computer enjoying a delicious mug of home made “Timmys” I cannot help but feel a little guilty. Who would have thought NZ would have inferior coffee?! Your post reminds of an old Tim Horton’s commercial – the one where the fellow is in a country – not Canada – going to school if memory serves ….. He receives a care package from home – something along those lines. However, my guilt is assuaged by the rest of your post – beautiful weather etc……. We’ve had the most miserable April with snow and sleet and wind and cold. We need GOOD coffee to compensate. :0) Hope you are enjoying your trek! love, Sue

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