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7 thoughts on “Back In Palmy

  • Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! That makes me nervous just looking at the picture!! Woohoo.
    Way to go Greg. You’re so brave.

  • WOW! Greg thats INSANE!! can’t wait to see more pics!!!

  • Greg thats awesome..
    I wanna go skydiving but i cant afford it right now
    I figure ill pay off my school debt and going skydiving will be kind of like a gift to myself for getting outta debt u know?
    But seriously how was it i wanna hear all about it!
    Cant wait to see the pics…

  • I am not going to say something nice about you two days in a row. I am not sure if I am sending messages correctly. It appears that you are having a great time and may become the Bobby Knight of New Zealand without the cursing.


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