The South Island Megapost

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240 thoughts on “The South Island Megapost

  • OH MY GOD!! I just watched the video of Greg bungee jumping.. gave me butterflies in my tummy! That’s SO COOL though! :)
    I loved how you added that on your blog.

    So..when are you getting your novel published?
    I’m sure it will be a hit.. such good writing! :)
    Love you guys.

  • For once in my life I am speechless. The pictures are glorious. The South Island Megapost absolutely wonderful. I’ve read through once but will be reading again and again.
    As for Greg’s bungee jump – :) – how happy he looks as he prepares – it must have been a truly exhilarating experience. Bravo Greg!!!
    And not to forget the horses – I enjoyed all the pics but the ones Greg took with the top of his valiant steeds fuzzy head in the bottom of the frame are my faves.
    Thank you grollis

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