Putting The Grrrr Back in Grollis

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8 thoughts on “Putting The Grrrr Back in Grollis

  • yeah, and the NZ multi-grain cheerios were not the same as the canadian multi-grain cheerios. nz’s were much sweeter….your left-over milk is that strange sugary colour that you often see with candy-cereal like lucky charms. (yes, greg – lucky charms count as candy-cereal)

  • Well Greggo – I must say it is about time that you updated your BLOG. Grape & Wine has started which is, as you know about as fun as it gets here all year :) It is as hot as summer these days, and the skies are blue too.
    I feel I am failing miserably at this NZ-simile-speak. Sad news today – my fish (Jack Bower) died after an experimental life of only 2 weeks :( Send me some pics with your new hair cut soon –

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