The Land of the Red Hot Sun

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19 thoughts on “The Land of the Red Hot Sun

  • Nice cookies, Greg. I’m impressed. I’m sad you have to come back to winter. I recall being at a conference in Tampa and arriving in Halifax to snow. It wasn’t pretty. We had a nice visit with Hollis Saturday. Everyone can’t wait to see you. Lucy’s word of the day today was “bee-pee” (or maybe peepee or beebee; not quite sure). I’m still working hard on “hi uncle greg.”

  • Oh…one more thing. We had chicken broccoli on Saturday. You must have that somewhere on your food list…

  • Be careful hunting – the poor goats :(
    (Couldn’t you stick to ridding the world of possum?)
    You won’t believe Lucy – she is truly hilarious … just like her uncle Greg.

    See you in 2 weeks :)

  • I’m glad you bake now….I can put you in charge of dessert for Christmas! Nice look with the moustache…..very chic!

    Love you lots…..can’t wait to see you next week……

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